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Blue Mountains


The process of seeking out professional help can be a difficult one, so let me begin by congratulating you on your courage, trust and perserverance in coming this far in doing so.  Most people find that psychotherapy works best when they feel there is a "good fit" between themselves and the therapist with whom they choose to work. To that end, I find it helpful for us to chat briefly by phone before we set up an inital appointment so that we can ensure that my skills and expertise are applicable to the issues you wish to address.  

I am most interested in creating a safe and supportive enviroment so that you may define and achieve your vision of yourself and uncover your true potential.  Once we identify your goals for your personal, professional, creative and family life, we can address symptoms and behavior patterns that are impediments to you experiencing a fulfulling and meaningful life.  I welcome both short-term intervention as well as longer term treatment inquiries.

If you are looking for support or assistance to guide you through difficult transitions or overwhelming situations or if you are ready to shift your life in a new direction, I look forward to hearing from you.  Please email to set up a consultation today.

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